Residential Golf Greens

Myview Golf supplies a complete range of products and services to enable golfers practice indoors or in the back garden – synthetic greens are definitely today’s most popular training aid.

  • Modular greens in your home enhance your practice sessions.
  • Golf nets mean you can practice your driving in small areas.
  • Synthetic lawns let you concentrate on your golf and not on maintenance.
  • Myview Golf’s professional team installs all synthetic golf facilities and lawns.

How we work

A member of the Myview Golf sales team meets the client to assess the specific requirements. The client receives an information pack which contains a sample of the product, a summary of its characteristics and the typical installation process.

Based on the client’s specific scenario and requirements, our design team will then create a visual graphic design of the proposed green and our sales team will prepare a quotation for the project. If the client is happy with our design and proposal, we agree on an installation date.




Outdoor Putting Green

Myview Golf putting greenThe improvements in golf green design and the convenience offered by home installations have brought about widespread popularity among the golfing public. Synthetic greens are wonderful entertainment for family and guests.

The synthetic golf green surface matches the best natural greens and its natural reaction to the golf ball lets you chip and putt like on the real thing. Several PGA Tour golfers use Myview Golf synthetic greens, a testimony to the excellence of our product. Take advantage of your own garden and lower your handicap with our synthetic golf greens.

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Outdoor Golf Green Installation

Myview Golf constructionMyview Golf designs and installs garden synthetic greens. We take care of the whole process from the planning stage through to completion. Let our experts assist in assessing size, shape and location of the green in your garden together with any landscaping requirements. On finalisation of the plans, our installation team travels to the site. They prepare the base before sculpting, laying and seaming the artificial turf. You can add extra features such as fringes, bunkers and teeing areas. When finished, your garden will feature a superb synthetic golf green to match the natural greens at your golf club.

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Modular Golf Greens

Myview Golf TourlinksProfessional putting greens at home. Have a look at Myview Golf’s excellent new range of modular putting greens. They come in kit form and can be easily assembled wherever you wish to practice, indoors or out. Just find a firm, stable surface area and within a short time, you’re ready to play.

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