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Artificial Grass for Peak Performance

Boost Your Game with Myview Golf’s advanced turf, combining aesthetics with practicality. Ideal for all environments, our artificial turf enhances your space and game.

Your partner in synthetic golf turf development!

Enhance your golf environment with our premium synthetic turf solutions. Designed for durability, sustainability, and versatility, we offer the ideal foundation for both indoor and outdoor golfing adventures.

Unmatched Performance, Anytime, Anywhere

Our synthetic golf turf is designed to transcend the limitations of traditional grass, offering a pristine playing surface unaffected by temperature extremes. Whether you’re perfecting your swing indoors or competing outdoors, our turf maintains its impeccable condition without the need for sunlight, ensuring a consistent game all year round. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for locations experiencing diverse weather conditions, enabling golf enthusiasts to enjoy their passion without interruption.

Sustainability Meets Innovation

Embrace an eco-friendly approach to golf with Myview Golf’s synthetic turf. Our advanced solutions eliminate the need for water and pesticides, making it a superior choice for environmentally conscious players and courses alike. In regions where water is scarce, our turf presents a revolutionary way to enjoy the sport without compromising on ecological values. By choosing our synthetic turf, you’re not only opting for a high-quality playing surface but also contributing to a more sustainable future for golf, one swing at a time.

Specialists in Design & Golfcourse construction
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We design
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Our expertise in synthetic turf means we can offer great advice for any project. We help with everything from choosing the right design to picking the best materials for a durable and playable course. Our team knows golf inside and out, and we’re here to make sure you get the best solutions for your needs.


We specialize in creating custom golf environments that perfectly match what our clients want. We take your ideas and turn them into detailed plans, making sure every project is as unique as our clients. We focus on making spaces that are not just functional but also beautiful and enjoyable to play on.


Once we have the perfect design, our team of experts gets to work bringing it to life. We use the latest technology and methods to build your Synthetic golf solutions with care and precision. Our goal is to make sure every part of your course meets the highest standards, from tees and greens to fairways, so you get the best possible golf experience.


Synthetic turf is easier to take care of than natural grass, but it still needs some upkeep to stay in top shape. We offer maintenance services that are both effective and easy to manage. Our advanced equipment and skilled team make it simple to keep your golf area looking great, so you can enjoy a beautiful course with little effort.

Our premium top quality Turf products

Chipping green

We offer the best quality chipping green and golf course artificial turf. Duotone (two colored), Nylon, curled, synthetic grass that needs sand infill and shock pad. Once installed this grass has a very natural appearance with a great bite from short and large distance and a perfect roll.

Putting green

Are you planning to install an indoor or outdoor putting green? Myview Golf offer high quality artificial turf products to fulfill all your needs. Nylon, curled, synthetic grass that does not need sand infill. Has a great ball roll in 3 different speeds. Excellent as putting green.


Superb products for your driving range Tee lines and Tee mats. Predictability, consistency and durability for many years. Duotone (two colored), Triple coated Nylon, curled, synthetic turf that does not need infill. 3 cm high and very tight tufted so that the wooden Tee holds perfect in the turf.

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