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Residential Golf

Elevate Your Home with Residential Golf Solutions.

Choose Your Ideal Green: Chipping vs. Putting

Our selection includes two specialized greens for all your golfing needs: sand-filled chipping greens and non-sand-filled putting greens.

Chipping Greens (Sand-Filled)

Designed for long-range chipping and approaches up to 150 yards, sand-filled chipping greens make a fantastic addition to any garden. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space but also deliver superior ball response for practicing over longer distances. Consider adding bunkers or a landscaped water hazard to elevate your practice experience. These greens allow for the practice of long-distance chips, approach shots, and putting, all in the comfort of your backyard.

Putting Greens (Non-Sand-Filled)

Our non-infill greens are the go-to option for serious putting practice. Superior to traditional infill options, their artificial turf blades are designed to be less rigid, with curled fibers that ensure consistent ball roll and speed from all directions. To complement your putting practice, fringe areas around the green enable chipping practice, enhancing your overall short game.

Investing in a synthetic putting green means not only improving your golf skills but also adding a fun and interactive feature to your home. Whether you’re focused on chipping or putting, our residential golf solutions are tailored to make your backyard a golfer’s dream. Embrace the convenience of practicing golf at home and consider the transformation your backyard deserves.

  • Putting Green at home: Modular greens enhance your practice sessions.

  • Elevate your home practice with modular greens for an unmatched golfing session

  • Synthetic lawns let you concentrate on your golf and not on maintenance.
  • Myview Golf’s professional team installs all synthetic golf facilities and lawns.