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Teelines + Teebox

Revolutionize Your Game with Our Advanced Tee Solutions.

Elevate your golfing experience with our comprehensive range of tee solutions, designed to meet the needs of every golfer and facility. Our selection includes innovative GlobalTee Mats, durable tee boxes, and efficient tee lines, each crafted to enhance the realism and enjoyment of your practice sessions. Whether you’re aiming to improve the playability of your driving range, offer golfers the feel of natural grass, or maximize the usability of your space, our products are tailored to provide consistent, high-quality playing conditions. Discover the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics with our tee solutions, and transform your golfing environment into a destination of choice for golfers at all levels.

Tee Mats

The GlobalTee Mat is not just any tee mat—it’s a game-changer for golfers seeking the most realistic practice conditions. This innovative mat offers the unique feature of playing from a rubber tee, providing versatility and catering to different preferences. Designed to mimic the feel of natural grass, the GlobalTee Mat ensures consistent playing conditions and delivers the same tactile feedback you’d expect from a lush fairway.

Stability is at the core of the GlobalTee Mat’s design, making it suitable for use in a variety of locations, whether indoors or out on the range. Its robust construction guarantees a reliable practice surface that stands up to repeated use, allowing golfers to focus on perfecting their swing. With the GlobalTee Mat, you’re not just practicing; you’re elevating your game to match the true conditions of the course.

Tee Boxes

Choosing tee grass for your tee box is a smart move, thanks to its unmatched consistency and durability. Our tee grass is designed to maintain the same high-quality playing conditions, game after game, without showing signs of wear. One of the standout benefits is its low maintenance, eliminating the need for watering while still providing a lush, green appearance. Additionally, it offers the flexibility for golfers to use a wooden tee, enhancing the natural feel and experience of teeing off.

Tee Line

Embrace the advantages of tee line turf for maximizing space and reducing wear on your driving range. This innovative solution features a long strip of turf that allows for more golfers per square meter, enhancing the efficiency of practice sessions. Unlike traditional mats with fixed positions, the tee line’s open layout leads to significantly less wear, thanks to the natural spread of users across its surface. Additionally, its seamless design contributes to a visually appealing setup. While beauty is subjective, the clean and organized appearance of the tee line turf is designed to meet the aesthetic preferences of many, providing both a practical and attractive solution for driving ranges looking to optimize their space and durability.