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Driving range

Myview Golf offers a wide range of high quality and durable driving range products.

Quality and experience

Welcome to a world where practicing golf gets more exciting. Our goal is to make hitting balls at the driving range more fun and effective, helping golfers improve their game. With a wide range of top-quality products like unique targets and comfortable tee mats, we’re here to turn your driving range into a place where practice is both enjoyable and rewarding. Step into an environment designed for every golfer to get better, any time of the year.

Building on this idea, our focus goes beyond just making practice engaging; we aim to change how golfers perceive their training. By incorporating unique targets and quality tee mats into driving ranges, we introduce a new level of challenge that’s both fun and beneficial. This not only helps sharpen skills but also keeps the love for golf alive.

Synthetic turf as floorcovering

Inside the driving range building, you can use synthetic turf to great advantage. It is a quality and good-looking floor covering but, even better, it reduces noise and thus improves the atmosphere in the building. Cut the driving range mats in the turf itself or lay them on top of it.

Target Greens

Synthetic target greens for your driving range are an inexpensive long-term image boosting solution. They also represent a quality facility for your golfing visitors. For the reasons offered above, synthetic target greens effectively reduce costs compared with grass. The playing experience is the same as with real grass but the expense is minimal.

Target greens have proven to be very popular on driving ranges. Players relish the challenge to go for targets and the driving ranges sell more golf balls. You can create targets of various sizes, colours and forms, varying from a dartboard style with different coloured rings to the standard green form. In the synthetic surface, the balls really “bite” into the green which increases player satisfaction. Just like on a natural green actually.

If the balls land in water from your driving range, then floating target greens would be appropriate for you. Sponsors can purchase advertising space on the sides of these synthetic ‘islands’. Balls landing on these targets also stop as on natural grass.

Tee grass

Elevate your golf facility with Myview Golf’s comprehensive tee solutions, featuring our advanced tee line turf, durable tee mats, and professionally installed tee boxes. Designed for realistic ball striking and stability, our low-maintenance turf enhances both aesthetics and playability, offering golfers a consistent experience. The long and dense structure of our tee mats supports a golf tee perfectly, available in both standard and custom sizes for any facility’s specific needs. Our tee boxes, constructed with a sturdy frame and stone foundation, ensure a slip-free and enduring tee-off point. Myview Golf’s premium products transform your course into a year-round golfer’s paradise, merging enhanced play quality with the practicality and visual appeal of modern synthetic turf technology.

Logo targets

At our driving range, we offer the unique service of creating custom logo targets, capable of featuring any design or logo you desire. The advantage of incorporating a logo target is significant, especially for sponsors. By placing a sponsor’s logo on the target, it becomes a long-lasting visual fixture on the range. This visibility allows us to offer the option for sponsors to fund their own logo targets. Not only does this provide them with continuous exposure to golfers, but it also opens up a new avenue for clubs to generate sponsorship revenue. It’s a win-win situation where the driving range gets an enhanced aesthetic appeal, and sponsors receive valuable, ongoing visibility.