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Driving Range

For your driving ranges we can supply artificial grass for your walkway, Teeline and Target greens.


Our curled turf is very suitable for walkways due to the low height and strong curl of the yarn.

Different colors possible to separate the walkway, hitting area, etc.

Due to the short pile the wear and tear is less visible and easy to clean.

The turf reduces the noise, so the echo is gone by laying down this turf.

Size: available on 4 meter and 2 meter width rolls

Made in Holland

Target greens

Target greens have proven to be very popular on driving ranges. Players relish the challenge to go for targets and the driving ranges sell more golf balls. We create targets of various sizes, colors and shapes, varying from a dartboard style with different colored rings to the standard green form with bunker. In the synthetic surface, the balls really “bite” into the green due to the sand infill, which increases player satisfaction. Just like on a natural green.

Synthetic target greens for your driving range are an inexpensive long-term image boosting solution. They also represent a quality facility for your golfing visitors. For the reasons offered above, synthetic target greens effectively reduce costs compared with grass. The playing experience is the same as with real grass but the expense is minimal.

Hitting Zones

Our comprehensive golf mat lineup, including the Airbase, Quattro, Basic, Logo, Teaching, Global Tee, Classics, and Hill Trainer, is crafted to enhance every golfer’s practice experience.

These mats, designed for performance and durability, offer features like air-cushioned comfort, shock absorbency, and realistic fairway simulation. Customizable and made in Europe, they blend function with style, ensuring an optimal practice environment for techniques, personalization, and varied terrain training, elevating your game to new heights.