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Refine Your Game with Our Advanced Green Solutions


For puttinggreen installations we supply non-infill putting turf.  This allows the best possible ball roll, which comes the closest to the natural greens. The Advanced Putting turf is available in 3 different Stimp speeds, so that you can always have the speed of your home course. Putting practice has never been so realistic.

The PA (Polyamide) yarns are curled and therefore non directional. This means the speed of the ball is the same from all directions. Because of the PA yarn the speed remains consistent even when this is heavily used. The curled fibers always come back to the original position due to the “memory” function.

The Advanced Putting turf is used for putting and chip-and-run shots. It is even possible to have back spin whereby the ball has the most natural spinning characteristics.

Types of Non filled greens:

Advanced Polyamide (PA)

Our golf greens stand out with a special 15 mm Nylon grass, designed to improve your game by letting us adjust how fast or slow the ball rolls, fitting different styles of play. This process makes sure the green not only looks great but plays well too. We’ve developed three types of grass: Eagle DT (speed 8-9), Birdie DT (speed 9-10), and Albatros DT (speed 11-12), all made from the same high-quality yarn but tufted differently to vary the speed. This means they look alike but each has its unique playing feel, giving you the choice to pick the perfect one for your game.


For long range chipping, lob-shots, and approaches of up to 150 meters, sand infill greens are just what you need. The ball reception is exactly what you expect from a perfect green. Back spin is well received, and the ball roll is very natural, also when the ball speed reduces.

The speed of the ball roll does not come further than stimp 10.

The Approach turf is made from PA (Polyamide) yarns, curled, and therefore nondirectional. The combination with the sand infill and the shock-pad under the turf allows the best possible reception of the ball.

Even after a lot of traffic the sand will not compact due to the shock-pad under the carpet and for this reason the reception remains consistent even after many years of use.

Whether the temperatures are extreme, high, or low, there is no difference in playability. The ball reception and ball roll remain consistent. This means you can practice your golf game all year through under the same playing conditions.

Approach turf

A Polyamide (PA) Nylon version of 30 mm, Monofilament yarn, which will require sand and an Airlastic shock absorption layer.

Professional golf installation expertise is very important since the playing characteristics do not come from the carpet itself but from the installation techniques. The combination of fiber and sand will allow long approaches and putting. The speed can be varied during installation between stimp 8 and 10.