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Practice greens

Create golf practice areas either indoors or outdoors. These are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres, etc. Golf provides an ideal form of light exercise and is especially appropriate for these environments. To ensure a pleasant few hours outdoors, what could be better than a relaxed eighteen holes of golf?

Chipping Greens (sand filled)

For long range chipping and approaches of up to 150 yards, sand infill greens are just what you need. These greens are a wonderful feature in your back garden. Complement them with a bunker or two or even a landscaped water hazard! The sand infill produces an excellent ball response over longer distances. Work on your long distance chips, approach shots and putting with Myview Golf’s chipping greens.

Putting Greens (non filled)

Install a non-infill green for quality putting sessions. This green beats traditional infill greens for putting practice as the artificial turf blades are not quite as rigid. Curled fibres guarantee consistent ball roll and speed from any direction. Myview Golf also provides green fringe areas so you can practice your chipping. Boost your short game and have fun at home with our synthetic putting green.

With this non-filled turf, the maintenance required is even lower.


Bunkers represent not only a hazard; they are also enhancing features. They take golfing at home to a new level and challenge any player. Master the chip-in straight from the bunker! Myview Golf can provide this feature to enhance your synthetic green.

Myview Golf also supplies EnviroBunkers. These bunkers are built using synthetic turf with several design styles. They have a superb natural appearance and maintenance is minimal.

The famous St Andrews course in Scotland is just one notable institution to have selected EnviroBunkers.