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Short courses provide an excellent facility at any golf club and are perfect for introducing new golfers to the game. Play over nine holes, each between 20 and 160 metres long with the challenge of bunkers and water hazards along the way. An effective entry level short course requires only two acres of land.

Benefits of artificial grass for Short Course

The quality of the synthetic golf greens from Myview Golf matches that of USGA (United States Golf Association) specification greens so your club patrons can avail of professional quality surfaces all year round. Financially too, your club will notice the difference. The slightly higher initial cost of a synthetic short course is more than offset by the almost non-existent maintenance costs. Synthetic turf makes sound economic sense as turf quality and durability issues, weeds, etc are a thing of the past.

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The practical benefits

Opting for artificial grass for short golf courses brings a multitude of benefits. Firstly, their compact size allows for quicker rounds, making them more accessible, especially for individuals who have mobility issues. This accessibility not only enhances the playing experience but also increases the throughput of players, which can significantly boost revenue. The durability of artificial greens means they don’t suffer from wear and tear, allowing for a consistent playing surface all year round.

Furthermore, these courses offer an excellent opportunity for players to refine their short game skills. Since the artificial turf doesn’t degrade like natural grass, you can practice more intensively without worrying about damaging the greens. This is particularly advantageous for golfers looking to improve their technique without the drawback of deteriorating course conditions. In summary, artificial grass short courses present a win-win situation by combining player convenience with lower maintenance and higher turnover potential, all while providing a perfect setting for improving golf skills.