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Enhanced Durability and Natural Feel: Discover Our Tee Grass Options

Our Tee Grass collection comes in two distinct styles, each boasting a natural hue and optimal firmness for player support. Crafted from durable Nylon (Polyamide), these turfs resist melting or flattening thanks to the high burning point of PA yarns, accommodating heavy use with ease.

The unique design of our teelines extends their lifespan, as varied player positioning reduces wear on specific areas, offering a more durable solution than traditional driving range mats.

Teegrass 30DT

This Teegrass 30DT has 100% curled Polyamide (PA) yarns on a 3/16th gauge. The total weight of this turf is 5.3 KGS per M2. This is the absolute maximum of what is technically possible on both the tufting and backing machines. This provides a very stable and firm turf for the stand position but still smooth and soft enough to hit the shots directly through the carpet.

Due to the curled yarns the wear and tear is hardly visible. The “memory” function of the nylon yarn brings the turf to the original position.

The feeling from hitting this Teegrass is as natural as you possibly can get.

This Teegrass is used to create:

  • Tee boxes
  • Winter Tee’s
  • Teelines on ranges or practice areas.

Size: available on 4 meter and 2 meter width rolls

Made in Holland

Teegrass 35DT

The Teegrass 35DT has the same type of yarn as the 30DT, however this 35DT turf has a combination of straight and curled yarns. This means there is a different appearance.

The straight fiber gives a very natural look and for this reason the ball lays a little higher. The natural looking allows this Teegrass to be perfect as Teebox on a golf course.

However, it is also possible to use this Teegrass as Teeline.

Size: available on 4 meter and 2 meter width rolls

Made in Holland