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Your Trusted Partner for Over Two Decades

Myview Golf has been at the forefront of synthetic turf innovation for over 20 years, focusing on creating exceptional golf products. Our journey through the years has allowed us to fine-tune our offerings, leading to the development of unique turf solutions that you won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to innovation has driven us to craft turf specifically designed to elevate the golf experience, making each game more enjoyable and true to the sport’s essence.

Our expertise and dedication to quality mean that we don’t just create synthetic turf; we create a golfing experience that complements the sport beautifully. Whether it’s for professional courses or home installations, our products stand out for their unique qualities and ability to enhance gameplay. This relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation is what sets us apart, making us your trusted partner in transforming the golf landscape with products that truly make a difference.

Design and Installation Experts

At Myview Golf, we take pride in our expert design and installation services, relying on our team of in-house professionals to bring every project to life. Our specialists possess extensive experience in designing and installing a wide range of golf facilities. From the most challenging courses to the most refined practice greens, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to turn any idea into reality.

We understand that every golf course is unique and requires a tailored approach, which is why we work closely with our clients to accurately translate their vision into reality. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that every golf facility we install not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our mission

Myview Golf’s aim is to make the game of Golf available for everyone all year round. We believe that anyone, any age and at any skill level from beginners, amateurs through to professionals should have access to the best synthetic golf facilities available at their home, golf club, driving range, school, leisure center, hotel, or even at new concept golf facilities. This alone will help players to build confidence, improve their game and increase participation and enjoyment in playing the game.

Mike van der Lee (Right)

Mike van der Lee has over 20 years experience of synthetic turf for Golf. The experience as sales manager and the project management of many different synthetic golf installations all over the world have caused a good reputation in the golf industry.

It is great to bring a relative new product into a very conservative (golf) industry and make the good golfers as well as the beginners and the golfcourse owners enthusiastic about the advantages of synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is the futures for any golfcourse.

Meine Beetstra (left)

Meine Beetstra had a landscaping company for 18 years and got very interested in synthetic golf installations. With a handicap of 8.7 Meine is a very reasonable golf player and was very impressed with the synthetic turf possibilities and playing characteristics for Golf.

As project manager Meine lead many installations to a good result.The installations for Golf are very demanding and that understands Meine very well as a good golfer himself.

Mirella Zikking 

Mirella has been with us for almost ten years, and she’s the heart of our office. She’s the first person our customers turn to with their questions, and she always has the answers. 

Mirella is more than just a helpful voice on the phone; she makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. From scheduling deliveries to organizing the details of our projects, she handles it all with ease.