Your partner in golf development

Some things are simple but seem very complicated. Others are quite the opposite. Golf developments often fit into both categories – simultaneously. For this reason effective communication, inter-disciplinary knowledge and effective co-operation are essential to complete projects on schedule, within budget and equally importantly – with the minimum of fuss.

Myview Golf has one mission in mind – simply to ensure the fast and reliable delivery of a complete professional golf development product. Our product comes as a finished package, with high-end specification at an affordable price and uses local knowledge around the world from established golfing professionals in contracting, golf operations and finance. This then allows us to offer a one stop shop approach designed specifically to meet your requirements.
It represents products and brands, offers a sourcing service through a network of accredited suppliers and offers multi-lingual sales and marketing consultancy and direct sales support through a team of European professionals.

Design and Installation Experts

Myview Golf designs and are specialists in golf course construction as for complete golf courses, greens, tees, compact courses, driving ranges, target greens and golf products for home use. The Group also supplies the excellent Tour Links modular greens and golf training aids.

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The reputation of Myview Golf among PGA Tour professionals is further evidence that synthetic grass is an ideal surface for putting greens, fringes, fairways and tees. A growing trend is synthetic grass residential putting greens which allow players to practice year round in their own back gardens.



With over 12 years of experience in synthetic turf for Golf. From sales to project management of many different synthetic golf installations all over the world  we earned a very good reputation in the golf industry.


The products we work with are always made of the latest state-of-the-art materials in different combined technologies. Our products enhance both playability and aesthetic appeal, but are also sustainable and highly durable.


Each and every one of us represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and responsible. We go to great lengths to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.


Our mission

Myview Golf’s aim is to make the game of Golf available for everyone all year round. We believe that anyone, any age and at any skill level from beginners, amateurs through to professionals should have access to the best synthetic golf facilities available at their home, golf club, driving range, school, leisure center, hotel, or even at new concept golf facilities. This alone will help players to build confidence, improve their game and increase participation and enjoyment in playing the game.

Mike van der Lee

Mike van der Lee has over 13 years experience of synthetic turf for Golf. The experience as sales manager and the project management of many different synthetic golf installations all over the world have caused a good reputation in the golf industry.

It is great to bring a relative new product into a very conservative (golf) industry and make the good golfers as well as the beginners and the golfcourse owners enthusiastic about the advantages of synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is the futures for any golfcourse.

Meine Beetstra

Meine Beetstra had a landscaping company for 15 years and got very interested in synthetic golf installations. With a handicap of 8.7 Meine is a very reasonable golf player and was very impressed with the synthetic turf possibilities and playing characteristics for Golf.

As project manager Meine lead many installations to a good result.The installations for Golf are very demanding and that understands Meine very well as a good golfer himself.

Andrew McCague

Andrew McCague is based in the UK and is a very valued member of the My View team. He has been playing golf for over 20 years and owned his own landscaping company before entering the world of synthetic golf 6 years ago.

Over this time Andrew has gained a vast amount of project management and hands on experience allowing him to develop his natural instinct for creating and designing synthetic golf practise facilities to the high standard that My View golf are proud to present today.

Golf Course Construction

For many years now, golf courses have used synthetic grass for practice areas and driving range mats. These days, more and more professional golf clubs are installing synthetic chipping areas, putting greens and tee areas. The life-like appearance and durability of the product ensure perfect greens in summer and winter, and club members appreciate a consistently excellent surface remarkably similar to natural grass. Have a look at our gallery of synthetic golf facilities. As a specialist in golf course construction let us design and install your golf course project.

Synthetic Greens

Synthetic surfaces have always been seen as a poor substitute for natural greens. Recent advances in technology and development mean that the current 4th generation synthetic turf provides a superb golf surface. The fibres used in the turf’s manufacture (including nylon and/or polyethylene and/or polypropylene) give a little under pressure thus ensuring a natural ball roll with every shot. When you chip onto one of the new synthetic greens, the golf ball reacts just as on real grass. Many PGA Tour golfers say the Myview Golf synthetic green compares favourably to the natural greens on the tour. Professional green keepers work full time to maintain and cultivate lush greens. Enjoy the high-quality equivalent standard with a “Tour Proven Turf” synthetic green from Myview Golf.

Golf Training Aids

A synthetic putting green in your back garden has to be the ultimate practice aid. Work on your putting whenever you like! Myview Golf provides a synthetic grass green to match your ability and your pocket.

An excellent alternative is the TourLinks modular green. These come in kit form for easy assembly at home. The Tour Links modular green is the perfect aid – indoors or outdoors. It also packs away easily for convenience. Get to work on your handicap with a Tour Links modular putting green or training aid.