TourLinks is the world’s first modular putting green system that enables the golfer to enjoy professional quality golf greens at home – indoors or out. This patented product is all-weather and its modular and portable design allows you to install it quickly and easily wherever you like and whatever the climate. Dismantle and relocate indoors or out as required. Rugged, lightweight, interlocking moulded panels mean you can be creative with regard to your green size and shape. Around the world, TourLinks are the top name in superior putting greens.

Tourlinks applications

You can install TourLinks modular systems in professional golf shops, office buildings, corporate hospitality and large residential houses. They are an excellent alternative to garden putting greens. Golfers will appreciate the golf turf playing surface. As with all synthetic golf greens, your maintenance effort is minimal. It stays looking good and you can enjoy an excellent surface winter or summer. You can add extra features such as bunkers, fringe grass, mini fairway and a specific teeing area.

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Myview Golf for your Golf Course construction project

Myview Golf is on of the leading companies in the golf course construction industry. The company is founded by professional golfers and for professional golfers who know the business and will only accept a perfect performance. We deliver the very best Golf courses, driving ranges, golf practice areas and more available in Europe today.

Not only our golf course construction work but also our golf turf meet the highest standards so we are confident that our products also meet your expectations. Our golf turf needs no watering, feeding, mowing or weeding means low maintenance thus cost saving. We can offer various solutions and golf turf products to reach your goals. We have constructed synthetic golf greens, indoor golf, winter tees, short golf courses, Tourlink, golf practice areas and much more.

Myview Golf supplies the world’s most realistic synthetic golf greens. Rigorous training and testing and regular seminars facilitate our quality objectives. Our dealers are expertly qualified to carry out installation work including:

  • Location of suitable installation sites.
  • Preparation of the base.
  • Sculpting of the turf.
  • Seaming of the turf.
  • Verification of roll and ball speeds.

Myview Golf your specialist in Golf Course construction.

Golf Green installation

Myview Golf can provide a complete synthetic golf green installation package. This includes design, preparation and planning, right up to the completed installation. Let our experts assist in assessing size, shape and location of the green or practice areas together with any landscaping requirements. On finalisation of the plans, our installation team travels to the site.

Design and Installation Experts

We are specialists in golf course construction as for complete golf courses, greens, tees, compact courses, driving ranges, target greens and golf products for home use. The reputation of Myview Golf among PGA Tour professionals is further evidence that synthetic grass is an ideal surface for putting greens, fringes, fairways and tees.

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