Other Golf Applications

Not only have we installed residential golf greens, golf courses and driving ranges, but because of the high quality and durability of our products we used synthetic turf for many other applications. Like mini golf courts on cruise ships, for a Dutch Golf event we installed golf courts on the beach. And also we have installed our synthetic turf on a ski long jump piste.

If you require any information about our products or would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact our Customer Services team.

Quality and experience

A member of the Myview Golf sales team meets the client to assess the specific requirements. The client receives an information pack which contains a sample of the product, a summary of its characteristics and the typical installation process. Based on the client’s specific scenario and requirements, our design team will then create a visual graphic design of the proposed green and our sales team will prepare a quotation for the project. If the client is happy with our proposals, we agree on an installation date.

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Indoor Golf

Myview Golf Indoor golfIndoor golf is becoming more and more popular. Beginners as well as low handicap players want to practice their golf year round but especially during the wintertime.

We provide a consistent and realistic playing surface so there will be little or none difference to playing outdoor.

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Myview Golf Indoor golfProfessional putting greens at home. Have a look at Myview Golf’s excellent new range of Tourlinks modular putting greens. They come in kit form and can be easily assembled wherever you wish to practice, indoors or out. Just find a firm, stable surface area and within a short time, you’re ready to play..

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Golf course on a ship

Myview Golf Golf on a shipMost cruise lines offer you the opportunity to play at some of the world’s greatest golf courses while your ship is in port.

But how about actually being able to play Golf on a ship? In order to entertain the passengers on board, Myview Golf has installed several adventure golf courses.

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Practice areas

Myview Golf practice areasCreate golf practice areas either indoors or outdoors. These are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres, etc. Golf provides an ideal form of light exercise and is especially appropriate for these environments. To ensure a pleasant few hours outdoors, what could be better than a relaxed eighteen holes of golf?

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Beach Golf

Myview Golf beach golfWhat about playing an 18 holes game on the beach? For temporary events like beach golf it is possible to create a golf court on the beach.

Myview Golf installed a golf course on the beach of Scheveningen, Bergen aan Zee and Texel in the Netherlands two years in a row.

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