Golf Course Construction

Myview Golf has constructed a lot of golf courses over the past years and became a true specialist in golf course construction, which is a very technical affair. To complete a perfect golf course construction there are several important decisions to be made in every phase of the construction. The architect or client and golf course constructor need to interact intensively so that the complete golf course construction matches the intended design.

It is very difficult to find the perfect golf course architect and besides that the best golf course construction company to reach your goals. This is why MyView Golf is the perfect partner for your golf course construction project. Myview Golf advises, designs and installs golf course facilities with synthetic turf. The perfect partner when adding value to your course – synthetic golf greens, short golf courses, mini-golf, adventure golf, winter tees and greens and also synthetic turf pathways.

Whatever your plans, let Myview Golf make your golf course construction project a success.

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Myview Golf is your partner in golf course construction

Myview Golf is on of the leading companies in the golf course construction industry. The company is founded by professional golfers and for professional golfers who know the business and will only accept a perfect performance. We deliver the very best Golf courses, driving ranges, golf practice areas and more available in Europe today.

Not only our golf course construction work but also our golf turf meet the highest standards so we are confident that our products also meet your expectations. Our golf turf needs no watering, feeding, mowing or weeding means low maintenance thus cost saving. We can offer various solutions and golf turf products to reach your goals. We have constructed synthetic golf greens, indoor golf, winter tees, short golf courses, Tourlink, golf practice areas and much more.

Golf Course Greens

The location, shape, type and quality of the greens are important aspects of any golf course construction project. The synthetic green surface reacts to the ball like natural grass when you practice putting, chipping and approach play. Many PGA pros use golf greens designed by Myview Golf – testimony to the quality of the product. We supply both infill and non-infill greens.

Golf Green installation

Myview Golf can provide a complete synthetic golf green installation package. This includes design, preparation and planning, right up to the completed installation. Let our experts assist in assessing size, shape and location of the green or practice areas together with any landscaping requirements. On finalisation of the plans, our installation team travels to the site. They take care of the complete golf course construction like prepare the base before sculpting, laying and seaming the artificial turf. You can add extra features such as fringes, bunkers and teeing areas. When finished, your golf course construction project can boast a valuable new addition.

Golf Practice Areas

Practice areas are a must on a good golf course. These typically consist of a golf green with fringe and optional bunkers. Club members can practice their putting and chipping before tackling the course. The quality of Myview Golf synthetic golf greens matches that of USGA (United States Golf Association) specification greens. Installing synthetic turf practice areas in your golf course makes them playable year round. Your green keepers will thank you too because synthetic turf is almost maintenance-free.

Short Golf Course Construction

Short courses are a very popular facility at golf clubs these days and they are ideal for introducing new golfers to the game. Nine holes of between 20 and 160 metres are played and, as with the real thing, bunkers and water hazards add to the challenge. Two acres of land suffice to create an effective entry level, short golf course.

Pathways in synthetic turf

Pathways are a key element in design and golf course construction. Synthetic turf walkways provide a distinctive feature for golfers to easily see where to walk. The artificial turf provides excellent drainage, ensures a level surface, has great grip and, what’s more, is always in excellent condition.

Your Golf Construction Project

Give us a call to discuss your club’s plans and find out how we can jointly improve your club. We at Myview Golf would be delighted to assist with your project in golf course construction.

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