How we work

A member of the Myview Golf sales team meets the client to assess the specific requirements. The client receives an information pack which contains a sample of the product, a summary of its characteristics and the typical installation process.

Based on the client’s specific scenario and requirements, our design team will then create a visual graphic design of the proposed green and our sales team will prepare a quotation for the project. If the client is happy with our proposals, we agree on an installation date.

Our aim is to make the game of Golf available for everyone all year round. We believe that anyone, any age and at any skill level from beginners, amateurs through to professionals should have access to the best synthetic golf facilities available at their home, golf club, driving range, school, leisure center, hotel, or even at new concept golf facilities.

Artificial turf for Golf Course

Myview Golf can provide a wide range of synthetic turf products, design installation and even maintenance for your golf course. We can supply you with:

  • Short golf courses
  • Mini Golf
  • Adventure golf
  • Synthetic golf greens
  • Winter tees and greens
  • Synthetic turf pathways
  • Target greens
  • Floating targets

Myview Golf provides a full installation service.




Golf Course Construction

AanlegFor many years now, golf courses have used synthetic grass for practice areas and driving range mats. These days, more and more professional golf clubs are installing synthetic chipping areas, putting greens and tee areas. The life-like appearance and durability of the product ensure perfect greens in summer and winter, and club members appreciate a consistently excellent surface remarkably similar to natural grass. Let Myview Golf design and install your golf course project.

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Short Golf Courses

Short-golfA “short course” is defined as one with fewer than 18 holes and playable in two hours or less. Short courses provide an excellent facility at any golf club and are perfect for introducing new golfers to the beautiful game of golf.

Play over nine holes, each between 20 and 160 metres long with all the challenges of bunkers and water hazards along the way.
 And the good news is an effective entry level short course only requires two acres of land.

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Adventure Golf

AdventureAdventure Golf is a fun family activity and a great way to attract more visitors to your golf facility. Any course can be designed to fit the available space. Numerous themes are available from crazy to chic.

Mini Golf offers diverse putting practice with a new challenge on each hole. A mini golf course also makes sound financial sense because revenue can be generated from otherwise unutilized space.

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Golf Practice Areas

Practice-areasEvery golf course should provide a practice area for patrons. A typical practice area will consist of a golf green with fringe and optional bunkers. This will enable golfers to practice putting and chipping before heading onto the course.

The quality of Myview Golf synthetic golf green is similar to USGA (United States Golf Association) specification greens. Utilizing synthetic turf in your golf course practice areas will allow patrons to play anytime of the year.

Furthermore, the green keepers will not be distracted from your main course because synthetic turf requires hardly any maintenance.

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Tees & Greens

Tee-and-greensMyview Golf can now provide the world’s newest tee line turf. This turf enables realistic striking of the ball, allows a firm stance, and allows you to place a tee. Practice and tuition are now possible year round letting you save the summer tees and practice area turf for the busy summer period.

By installing tee line turf, you can entice winter golfers to play your course and boost the winter revenues. You can place these teeing areas anywhere on the course which allows your club to maintain consistent playing distances and difficulty all year round. As with our other products, the tee line is almost maintenance-free and provides an optimal playing surface at all times. Winter tees and greens mean you can keep your club’s course open year round with no drop in quality.

Winter Tees

winter-teesMyview Golf’s winter greens are the perfect substitute for standard greens when the temperatures drop and natural grass stops growing. A synthetic golf green guarantees a consistent high quality experience to players whatever the season. Winter tees have been developed for use when the ground becomes too hard to place standard tees. Our tee line turf is long and dense enough to support a standard tee. Unlike natural turf, its properties do not change with the climate and players can tee-off whatever the weather.

Tee boxes

We make a wooden frame and fill it with stone. We compact this with a vibrating plate. We then roll out the tee grass turf, cut it to size and adhere it to the base while nailing the outer edges to the frame. This prevents any slippage even with sustained usage.