Tee line Turf and Tee Mats

Myview Golf can now provide the world’s newest tee line turf. This turf enables realistic striking of the ball, allows a firm stance, and allows you to place a tee. Practice and tuition are now possible year round letting you save the summer tees and practice area turf for the busy summer period.

By installing tee line turf, you can entice winter golfers to play your course and boost the winter revenues. You can place these teeing areas anywhere on the course which allows your club to maintain consistent playing distances and difficulty all year round. As with our other products, the tee line is almost maintenance-free and provides an optimal playing surface at all times.

Patrons of your driving range will love our Myview Golf brand tee line turf. Install it as a tee box or simply use it as a tee mat. If your’s is a larger facility, you may also be interested in our winter greens or winter tees.

Tee Mats

Myview Golf’s tee line turf is long and dense enough to support a golf tee. It is a highly durable product and will impress your patrons. Choose from standard or custom tee mats. Contact us for special rates in the event of large order quantities.

Tee Boxes

We make a wooden frame and fill it with stone. We compact this with a vibrating plate. We then roll out the tee grass turf, cut it to size and adhere it to the base while nailing the outer edges to the frame. This prevents any slippage even with sustained usage.

Myview Golf Tee line turf




Myview Golf is your partner in golf course construction

Myview Golf is on of the leading companies in the golf course construction industry. The company is founded by professional golfers and for professional golfers who know the business and will only accept a perfect performance. We deliver the very best Golf courses, driving ranges, golf practice areas and more available in Europe today.

Not only our golf course construction work but also our golf turf meet the highest standards so we are confident that our products also meet your expectations. Our golf turf needs no watering, feeding, mowing or weeding means low maintenance thus cost saving. We can offer various solutions and golf turf products to reach your goals. We have constructed synthetic golf greens, indoor golf, winter tees, short golf courses, Tourlink, golf practice areas and much more.

Golf Green installation

Myview Golf can provide a complete synthetic golf green installation package. This includes design, preparation and planning, right up to the completed installation. Let our experts assist in assessing size, shape and location of the green or practice areas together with any landscaping requirements. On finalisation of the plans, our installation team travels to the site.

Design and Installation Experts

We are specialists in golf course construction as for complete golf courses, greens, tees, compact courses, driving ranges, target greens and golf products for home use. The reputation of Myview Golf among PGA Tour professionals is further evidence that synthetic grass is an ideal surface for putting greens, fringes, fairways and tees.

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