Quality and experience

For us at Myview Golf, golf is not only our business but also our passion. We want to make the golfing experience better for our customers. We know the importance of a quality surface and how it enhances the game of golf.

Myview Golf’s reputation among high profile professionals and golf retail outlets has been earned with our world-leading product and also with the excellence of our completed golf installations.

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Driving Ranges

Myview Golf offers a wide range of high quality and durable driving range products. These include the best tee line turf, a short golf course, and adventure golf for those players who want year-round fun. On request, we cover everything from installation to maintenance.

Synthetic turf as floorcovering

Inside the driving range building, you can use synthetic turf to great advantage. It is a quality and good-looking floor covering but, even better, it reduces noise and thus improves the atmosphere in the building. Cut the driving range mats in the turf itself or lay them on top of it.




Tee Line Turf and Tee Mats

Myview GolfMyview Golf can provide the world’s newest tee line turf. This tee line turf enables realistic striking of the ball, allows a firm stance, and allows you to place a tee. This enables your club members to practice and train all year round letting you save the summer tees and practice area turf for the busy summer period.

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Target Greens

Myview golf Target greenSynthetic target greens for your driving range are an inexpensive long-term image boosting solution. They also represent a quality facility for your golfing visitors. For the reasons offered above, synthetic target greens effectively reduce costs compared with grass. The playing experience is the same as with real grass but the expense is minimal.

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Golf course construction

Myview Golf construction rangeMyview Golf’s complete golf construction package includes design, preparation, planning, and complete installation. Let our experts assist in assessing size, shape and location together with any landscaping requirements. Of course you can add extra features such as fringes, bunkers and teeing areas.

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